NYC Delight, Episode 1

It’s New Year’s Eve. Hubs and I sit on our comfy sofa at home watching Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve on TV.

There are an estimated 1,000,000 people in Times Square of New York City! Have you ever been to Times Square? Let me tell you it’s not very big. The thought of cramming 1,000,000 people in that space baffles me. Baffles and terrifies.

The Hubs and I were there the last year the week leading up to New Year’s Eve. This trip, however, included my mother and step-dad who had been to New York City before, but their previous experience with the Big Apple wasn’t as romantic and memorable as ours. So we convinced them to travel as a foursome.

Since we try to visit New York City every two years for the holiday ambiance, and while most of the food we’ve had there is worth every penny, sometimes you just want something simple.

Adorable cafes line every street nook and cranny of NYC with some of the most delicious world foods. I’m talking about something close to the chaos that is Manhattan, near everything, including our favorite hotel…

This is when you have to know a secret place…

Wait for it.

Whole Foods.

Now this isn’t your normal Whole Foods. This Whole Foods is the bottom floor of an entire mall which sits across the street from Central Park on the Columbus Circle end of it.

So here’s the scoop. While step-dad Pete and Hubs run off for a place to sit, my mom and I go to the specialty cheese department and pick out one maybe two. We then go to the produce department and grab grapes or small berries. We select a small baguette and on our way to checkout, we pass through meats where you can pick-up a small dried pastrami or salami.

After we’ve paid for our items, to our left is a pub. A quaint pub which has a masculine feel with grey dark toned wood and rustic reisened tables. There’s a bartender who can pour a beer from one of its eight local drafts or a bottle from the 100’s offered in store. This is where we also found our husbands working on their first pints.

I grab a pear cider, Hubs orders another apple cider and we sit down to feast. Our meal is very European. It’s everyone at the table tearing bread, spreading cheeses, convincing each other to try different combinations of flavors. It was simple. It was cozy. It was satisfying. It was a good time for us all.

Albeit the meal only cost $16 beers included, this small quaint pub serves its purpose. It’s actually a NYC favorite of ours.

The Hubs and I have had dinner tally hundreds of dollars in New York City so having this little nook in a corner of a Whole Foods, which not only allows us to create our own crudete from items in the store, but also encourages it, certainly allows us to stretch our travel budget further.

While this wasn’t a review or about the best NYC food you’ll ever have, it was an experience. An experience worth sharing.

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