Mid-afternoon Pick-me-up

My three young children watch a show about other young children who prance around a small town saving each other while in their pajamas; it’s quite invigorating-let me tell ya! I can’t help but want some of that energy back from “the day.” You know what I’m talking about…the constant energy bursting from our seams, never ending summer days of playing in the sun or running through the sprinklers and the only worry was to be at home by the time the street lights came on indicating the day’s end.

Yes, THAT energy! I sit here and map out my blogs and get sidetracked. Not with the story line or who can’t jump far enough to make the fence to save the balloon from popping, or whatever have you, but wanting a boost.

So here goes. I walked into the pantry and found a book with recipes called “The Sweet Life in Paris” written by David Lebovitz. He’s a great read and especially for this book. Perhaps it’s only because of my love for Paris but he has captured the feel, smell and even taste of Paris all in a book- is that weird?

I found a recipe for a blended iced coffee and I MUST make one, now! Come with me…

2 medium scoops of vanilla or coffee ice cream. 

2 or 3 shots of strong espresso. 

1/2 cup Baileys Irish Cream (but because I am with my children, 3 pumps of chocolate syrup should do just fine). 

A few ice cubes. 

Grated chocolate for topping.

Throw everything into a blender and buzz. Viola!

Delicious! This drink should definitely get me through to see the end of my kids’ shows 😉

Do you have any mid-afternoon pick-me-ups?

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