Review: The unmistakable Mesa Grill

It all began when I was 10 years old. A youngen in grade school, 5th or 6th grade I think. I had stayed home from school sick and was laying on the sofa, watching tv and feeling ugly when I came across the food network. Something brand new that featured cooking shows and pretty people explaining what they were doing.

Bobby Flay was featured on the new  “Grill it! with Bobby Flay.” While he wasn’t my cup of tea, he has red hair and if there’s one rule to live by for redheads, its that you don’t like fellow redheads of the opposite se. He was however really encouraging and fun to watch. This is the moment my LOVE for food was born.

I had gone to Vegas when I was 22 and thought it was another big city with tons of people, crowds, and ridiculous prices. I waited a few years before returning with my husband when we had a chance to do what we do best, eat. And not just eat regular foods or what I could make at home any given night, we look for the jaw-dropping, mouth watering, drool worthy rememberances.  That is what made us try Mesa Grill – owned by Bobby Flay located in Caesars Palace.

The excitement was almost overwhelming. My hands were balmy, I was “shimmering” and my stomach was turning all in anticipation of seeing Mr Flay and enjoying HIS food. Well he wasn’t there that day, or any day we have ever gone for that matter, but his food sure is memorable! Because I had watched almost every show he had been on I knew what was “preferred” on his menu: chipotle salmon and shrimp tacos. My hubs and I looked over the menu but had our hearts decided even before getting on the plane out there.

We placed our orders and the waiter complimented our decisions. Don’t you just love when they do that? In a way, it validates the choice you made for the food you’re about the eat. What if I hadn’t ordered the salmon, would he have said “great choice” or simply moved on to my husbands order?

Anyway, I remember looking around in aww and filled with giggles waiting for our order to arrive. I had the feeling that every single person that works there gets a dose of us foodies every day and some probably annoyed but this one cook…tall, dark and on grill in the front showcase…kept smiling and winking. I struck up a conversation of appreciation for what he does and is about to serve my growling belly.

Food arrives and it was more delicious than his show makes it seem. The salmon was a perfect medium-rare. The black beans moist and tender were sitting on top of slightly wilted spinach leaves sautéd with garlic.

There were numerous sauces covering the dish and with each bit I devoured the more satisfied I was with having watched food for so many years, it finally felt like my time had paid off-ha! Silly but worth it.

Let’s not forget my hub’s order. His shrimp tacos came complete with a serving tray of wonderful little goodies and add-ins to enhanced your flavor profile.

If you ever get a chance to stop in for a bite, my recommendations have been established. In fact, the hubs and I now frequent Vegas just for food and food alone. Mesa Grill is ALWAYS on the list of where to eat.

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