Recipe: Down low and slow ribs

This all starts with my Grandpa, Malcolm. He’s a sweet, gentle yet firm man. One who loves to laugh yet not afraid to put a firm fist down when appropriate. He’s one of my most favored men of all time, oh I just love him to bits! While he doesn’t have many recipes up his sleeves, he can cook some mean meats on the grill. One of the families favorites are his ribs. They’re simple, tasty and gosh darn delicious.

Last summer, my grandmother was away for her high school reunion  so my grandfather was home alone. I’d invited him over and he offered to cook, see…told you he was sweet! Anyway, he brought his ribs to cook and I found the courage to challenge him in a rib-off. The end result were two amazing racks of ribs that my family devoured in minutes, and here’s how…

You will need:

  • Rack of back ribs
  • Salt and pepper

Grill preheated to 350 degrees.IMG_3170

I rinse my ribs when I bring them home, sometimes there are liquids in the packaging I don’t care to consume. So with your rinsed rack and preheated grill, place your ribs on said grill, meaty side up, close the lid, and grab a cold beverage. After 20 minutes flip your ribs to meaty side down. After another 20 minutes flip the ribs one last time, and you’ve got it, 20 more minutes, maybe refill your beverage too.

Tip: Maintain 350 degrees in your grill to avoid uneven cooking.

So your ribs have cooked for an hour and your mouth is now watering. Turn the grill off and remove the ribs. They should be firm and hold together, not falling apart, that is a different recipe. Place your ribs on a large cutting board and sprinkle plenty of salt and pepper all over (we use 1/2 tbsp salt and 1/2 tbsp pepper per rack so you have an idea). You almost want a crust here, season well, you wont be disappointed.

Now I know some people must have bbq sauce so we serve ours on the side but these ribs really don’t need anything. The pure pork flavors really shine here. The ribs are crunchy on the ends with little burnt bits, juicy and full flavored meat, salty and firm,  its truly the perfect bite.



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