Winter vs Spring

In Colorado our transition to Spring isn’t like most around the globe, and I’m sure anyone who has witnessed this transition can attest. The weather seems like it can’t decide what it wants to do. Take for instance, literally four days ago we had 8 inches of snow and -3 temperatures! The fountains were all frozen, the ponds and lakes solid, and layers were worn. 

Yesterday it was 71 degrees, snow obviously melted completely, people in shorts and tank tops and the bird were chirping.

Now here we are, Tuesday evening and we are expecting another 7 inches of snow, naturally followed by 60 degree weather and snow again Saturday.

It’s never dull, that is for certain. We even have a saying for the new-comers: If you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes, because it’ll surely change. So what do you do when the weather is, shall we say, caddywompus? Puzzles. Well, puzzles and pups haha! Meet Winnie (left) and Max (right) who enjoyed “helping” with the puzzles (by saying they were “helping” I mean they really just wanted to eat the pieces to make it more fun for me).

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