Fourth Of July Easy Prep

With the birthday of our beloved country upon us, it’s only fitting to share a few tips, tricks and treats that we do in our celebrations.

Perhaps you didn’t know, I used to own a bakery here in my small town of Monument, CO. My sister and I started together in 2012 doing birthday cakes, baby showers, special events for the city, political parties, even weddings. It was a lot of fun and enabled me to do what I love, food! I baked and she decorated. She was so talented and dedicated to detail that she eventually opened her own bakery in Colorado Springs!

With my experience, trials, tribulations and fun requests for new items at parties, I have put together some of my favorites.

Lets start with easy and “no-time” treats.


photo courtesy of cutefoodforkids

The White Chocolate Dipped Strawberry


  • You will need 2 strawberries for each individual
  • 1 container of Candy Bark
  • Blue sprinkles

Using a damp paper towel, clean the outside of the strawberries and set aside to dry completely.

Melt the white chocolate according to the directions on your package. Typically I microwave the bark in a bowl for 30 seconds intervals, stirring the mix every 30 seconds, takes between 60 and 90 seconds.

Dip your strawberry half way into the warmed chocolate and immediately into the bowl of sprinkles. Set aside to dry.

Tip: Do not refrigerate! Strawberries need to breathe and with the chocolate on the outside, they will begin to get soggy and the refrigerator accelerates the process. Soggy strawberries, not delicious.



Ice Cream Sandwiches

  • 2-3″ cookies of choice
  • Ice Cream of choice
  • Sprinkles

This may be one of the easiest and fun recipes to prepare. I have even use store bought cookies to save time! Take the ice cream from the freezer to soften for a few minutes, don’t allow to melt. Using a 2 ounce ice cream scoop, scoop onto one of the cookies, place cookie on the other side, as show in picture, and roll into sprinkles. Place new cookie sandwich onto a baking sheet and freeze for at least 3 hours to allow ice cream to harden.


Cone Cakes

I’ve made these many different ways but the easiest is as follows:

  • Cupcakes flavor of choice, 1 per individual
  • Waffle cones, 1 per individual
  • Candy Bark, white or chocolate
  • Sprinkles

Prepare your chocolate per instructions on packaging. Holding onto the pointed part, dip the waffle cone half way into chocolate and again into the sprinkles, set aside to dry.

Once the waffle cone has dried, you can fill that sucker with anything your heart desires! For parties we would use cupcakes; just push the cupcake into the cone and turn upside down so you only see the cone. Whatever you use for the filling will be a delight.



And finally, Cake Pops.

They can be intimidating with how many different ways to just bake the little cake bites. Here’s what I do…

You bake a cake, normal as always, whatever flavor, even if from a box. Let the cake cool 15 minutes after its cooked through. Only 15 minutes though, you want it to stay warm to the touch so it holds it shape when you form the balls. You read that correctly, you will be forming the balls yourself.

Using a 2 ounce ice cream scoop, or some way to keep all measurements equal, begin to separate. Take a portioned piece of the cake into your hands and squish. You’re forming a ball just like when you were a little tike playing in the sandbox.

Tip: If you’re cake is dry and falling apart, add icing to moisten the cake. Mash with a fork to combine and once the cake pulls together, you know you’re ready for forming the balls.

After you’ve got all of your cake pops assembled, put your cake pop stick into the middle of the ball and set aside to allow to cool completely.

Once cooled, prepare your chocolate bark according to instructions, dip the balls to cover completely and sprinkle immediately. If you are wanting your cake pops to stand like in the picture shown, you’ll want to have a styrofoam block available to secure the sticks while the chocolate dries. If you want then cake pops upside-down, using parchment paper to allow for non-stick removal.


Now that chocolate comes in colors and sprinkles come in many different shapes, sizes, colors and even sparkle you can mix and match until you’re fully satisfied.


Hope you enjoyed my few wonderfuls. Stay tuned for more!

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