Mayhem Eggs

Good morning and happy, gloomy Tuesday! I woke up this morning to a foggy landscape that really allowed my soul relax, which is a big change from the past 6 weeks or so. Why you ask? Well, my family owns a roofing company in Colorado along the front range.

So what?

Well it hailed in July and for us this is like the bread for your butter. Its what keeps us going. This wasn’t just some storm either, it was the storm of all storms. Biggest in 26 years! It destroyed more than 175,000 homes. See, wasn’t kidding 🙂

Now that it’s hailed and we are a few weeks into assisting these homeowners with repairs and replacements of all damaged exteriors, it’s a bit chaotic.

So now we all scramble to get as much completed as fast as we can with the materials we have available. Picture this: if you can imagine the shell of an egg being cracked against the table, that would be when the hail fell. Then the actual egg falling into a bowl for preparation, that was us trying to access the damages and inspect properties for homeowners and business, setting up the first appointments. Next is when you beat the egg in the bowl….we are scrabbling here aren’t we? So you break apart the yolk and egg whites to even distribute the eggy parts (now that I wrote that, it sure doesn’t sound appealing, HA) and aerate, this would be comparable to  aligning the subtrades such as paint, windows, doors, fencing, gutters, etc and the pure mayhem that is a hail storm of this magnitude. Naturally the pan was preheated which means one thing, it is summer after-all. We are now ready to cook! Lets pour our egg mixture into the hot pan, the only thing I can compare this to would be what my role in this roofing company is. I run production, sales management, subtrades, billing, and all other coordination. So we scramble. Again, trying to complete as much as fast as possible.

I think we are about 6-7 weeks post storm now so the “eggs” have been prepared and hopefully soon we can all sit to enjoy them.

Seeing the fog this-morning, it having swept across the mountain range ever-so-gently like one of Bob Ross’ paintings allowed me to take a breathe. I miss my husband.  I miss my kids. I miss cooking, too! For heavens sake, I made bean burritos last night for dinner because it was fast and ready in 45 seconds 😐 Shhh, don’t tell Ree Drummond or Ina Garten, neither would approve I’m sure!

Thank you for allowing me to exhale. I miss writing to you all as well. And honestly, I’m not sure when I will have a moment to come back. I have a favor to ask, have you visited my facebook page? I would love to see what you’ve cooked up and any new ideas for quick, like 10 minute meals, I can prepare for my loving little babies. 😀

Love you all!

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