Winter blues

I am in a mood today. Ever feel like that? Where something just isn’t jiving? I’m not hungry. I’m not really bored. Not excited about anything. Just kind of, there.

I barely got through my workout this morning and if it weren’t for my beautiful babies pushing me through, I may not have even begun.  This feels like I need a project. Something to keep me motivated. Something I can keep my mind to and help progress. img_0480

Speaking of progress, I’m a gardener and love to have my children help plant the seeds, prune and collect the produce. I am all about setting up for season but I am afraid it’s too soon to make that my project. We are even going to do a greenhouse this year which I am super excited about!! But again, it’s just too soon to set that up. The temperatures here in Monument CO aren’t conducive to produce growing in subzero temps.

I was thinking of painting yet nothing comes to mind. I could try an adult coloring book, too. I could see it now… I sit down to color and my children get hungry, feed the kids and then color again. Then my husband needs help with his project, help him and then come back to coloring. Kids get hungry again and then it’s naps, finally I can color. Oh wait, I have laundry rotting in the washing machine! So after a few days of scattered coloring time, it’s finished. Now what? I can’t exactly hang it on the fridge or pin it to the wall like I do for my kids. THIS is not productive in my opinion.

On to the next idea. But what is that? Argh. What do you do with the winter blues? Plan vacations? Re-arrange your house?


**Staring at the bumps in the ceiling trying to make recognizable figures**

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