Summer in Breck!

Good morning lovely people! Hope you’re all doing well this fine Wednesday!
My family and I recently visited Breckenridge CO for a little escape from reality. I brought along my niece and nephew, what was I thinking?! 😛 All five kids had an amazing time. We took them horse-back riding along the slopes, swam a ton, did some shopping and ate some really fantastic food!
There’s this little burger joint right downtown with the smallest of signs and underground called Flipside. They had the absolute best truffle fries you could ever taste! These fries were so dang tasty that between the seven of us, we ate four entire plates!
But check out these beauties! b0d1533761db44a96002299eef25ac16--truffle-fries-girl-problems I mean how could anyone resist these? Who would want to do that?! Certainly not anyone in my family, sitting at my table haha!
They were the perfect mix of crunchy fried exterior with a creamy whipped potato center. Dusted in parmesan cheese, truffle salt and topped with parsley. My mouth is seriously watering for more!
The fun didn’t stop there, though! They had these turkey burgers with fresh avocado, garlic aioli, fried egg, lettuce and tomato…perfection I tell ya! And the kids all enjoyed their super thick shakes and cheeseburgers. Just what a person needs after the day at the pool!
Thank you to Flipside! If you ever venture to Breckenridge be sure to stop in and tell them HI!!! for me 🙂

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